[PROJECT] Sohee’s 20th Birthday Project!

Hi mandufuls,

Sohee Birthday is coming up in one month time, As you guys remember that last year we guy together made a nice ‘Magical Mandu Dream House Box’! as a project for sohee on her birthday. https://ohmysohee.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/update-sohee-tweeted-our-birthday-project-to-her/

1). Fill out the detail below

Part 1
Name (first name/last initial):
City/Province & Country:

*Your message may NOT be longer than 200 characters. If it goes over then I WILL cut it off–no exceptions. You may use this Character Counter  to double check your message length before you submit it.

2) Send your message to ohmySOHEE@gmail.com


Important Dates
June 15th – Last Day to Sign Up
June 17th – Last Day to Submit your message

If you guys have any Qns please email us or tweet us in twitter @ohmySOHEE

Project Part 1:

I hope everyone will take part in this project. Hopefully this project can be as successful as last year, so I am looking forward your love to our Sohee for her upcoming birthday

[Project Lead By: babyleoDEsohee]


18 responses to “[PROJECT] Sohee’s 20th Birthday Project!”

  1. Bammie says :

    part 1
    Name: Bammie
    Country: Malaysia
    Message: Ahn Sohee~ our pretty baby had turned to a gorgeous lady! Happy birthday Ahn Boss. Mandufuls always love you ❤

  2. Aro says :

    Part 1

    Name: Aro Pujol

    City/Province & Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Message: Dear Sohee! Have a WONDERFUL Mandu party! Happy Birthday from the other side of the world! XOXO

  3. anabel says :

    Part 1 :

    Name : Anabel

    City/Province & Country: Lima . Peru

    message: Dear Sohee! Happy birthday! our pretty girl has grown up , The best wishes for you!

  4. Rochelle D says :

    Part 1
    Name (first name/last initial): Rochelle D
    City/Province & Country: San Diego, USA
    Message: Ahn Sohee-unni! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You’ve grown to be such a lovely, wonderful woman~ Looking forward to your new album promotions!

  5. naisih (@WFTW_Naisih) says :

    Name : Naisih

    City/Province & Country: Taipei, Taiwan

    message: Ahn so… naughty =)) i think ur very busy for the upcoming concert right now. remember to take a rest appropriately. dont make me worry! Boss I love u >_^
    u know my signature move: *saulte* 0_0↖

  6. NyNy says :

    Sending you mine by email now :3

  7. ♥AhN sOhEe AdDiCt FaNs♥ says :

    part 1
    Name: 143babymanduu
    Country: Philippines

    Soso,My Princess,My manduu,Indeed your a Wonder Girl & Wonderful,your an amazing person inside and out,in my heart i know I LOVE YOU for who you are and what you are ♥ I am your number 1 fan.Keep safe.


  8. HeartSOHEE (@szemin0829) says :

    Part 1
    Name : szemin0829
    Country : Malaysia

    Message :
    My baby sohee ~ Happy Birthday !!! 생일축하합니다 !!! You’re the most beautiful girl in my world !!! Always stay healthy and happy ya !!! I’m so proud of being a wonderful and manduful kkk Wish you all the best xD
    P.S. :I love you deeply, unconditionally, forever and beyond ♥ ♥ ♥ Sohee♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Anisa Nurfitria (@nieza02) says :

    part 1
    Name: niez
    Country: Indonesia
    Message: Ahn chic boss happy birthday, You’ve grown to be such a lovely wonderful woman, wish u all the best ^^

  10. IHeartSohee143 says :

    Part 1
    Name: Apple
    Country: Malaysia
    Message: Happy birthday Ahn Boss^^, wish u all the best and Always stay healthy and happy so I won’t worry about You. May God Bless You Always ❤

  11. Fai (@fayascific) says :

    Part 1
    Name : Fai
    City/Province & Country: Bangkok,Thailand

    Message : HMM……..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOHEE-* ^_^

  12. Aini says :

    Name: aini
    Country: indonesia
    Message: Happy birthday, princess Sohee! I hope you’ll be blessed with health, happiness, and strength. Keep moving to find what you really dream of and what makes you truly happy! 사랑해.

  13. Thu Pham (@sosomimi90) says :

    Name: Thu
    Country: Vietnam
    Message: keke, Sohee ah, happy birthday! Now you turn 21 years old already, become a beautiful girl now. But to me, u’re still a babe, a maknae in WGs. Wish u all the best, love u so much.

  14. Zyria G. says :

    Aw , I’m Just Finding Out About This ! I Wanted To Do It 😦

  15. Bammie says :

    i’m posting for my friend. she’s having some problem posting 🙂

    Name: Aini
    Country: Indonesia
    Message: Happy birthday princess Sohee! Hope you’ll be blessed with health, hapiness and strength. Keep moving to reach ur dream. We always love and support u! Saranghaee!

  16. Jeen says :

    Name: Jeen

    Country: Thailand

    Message: Sohee Sohee babe babe…I’m really happy to see your smile ^-^ wish the thing make you smile come to your life… kiki….

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