Dont know who is SOHEE??  Here are some video of Sohee and Wonder Girls

[M/V] 산이(San E) – ‘LoveSick’

8eight 에이트 – Without A Heart 심장이 없어 – feat Wonder Girls’s So Hee 소희 MV 

Sohee – Single Ladies

Ahn SoHee- Beyonce dance cover (Wonder Girls 2nd Fan Meeting)

[Undisclosed clip]WG&2PM “Nobody Tango ver.” Sohee(소희)

Wonder Girls MusicVideo


[MV] Wonder Girls Like Money

[MV] Wonder Girls Like This

[MV] Wonder Girls The DJ is Mine

[MV] Wonder Girls Be My Baby

Wonder Girls – “Nothin’ on You” (B.O.B/BRUNO MARS COVER – OFFICIAL)

[MV] Wonder Girls 2 different tears

[MV] Wonder Girls Nobody

[MV] Wonder Girls So Hot

[MV] Wonder Girls Tell Me

[MV] Wonder Girls Irony

[MV] Wonder Girls This Time

[MV] Wonder Girls Wishing On A Star

[MV] Wonder Girls This Fool


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